Green Party Limited

Seeded in 2009, the Green Party of Hong Kong is formed as a political party whose aim is to promote Green Life and to be elected into the governing body of the Hong Kong government to shape the future of Hong Kong.

We welcome everyone who shares our goals and convictions to join the Green Party of Hong Kong, so that together, we can do something for this place, our home, our future.

Green Party of Hong Kong certainly aspires to be an active part of government. This means we need to think constructively and act responsibly, and not to oppose other political groups just for the sake of opposition. In fact we subscribe to co-operative ideals as against the to date competitive capitalist style. We have proposals that can enable people with real alternatives.

The fundamental difference between the Green Party and the others is that we are less concerned with winning than we are with sharing our message of change. We think about the next generation, not the next election. We ask, "What are our real priorities for our communities, and our children?"

Strong communities means creating opportunities for young Hong Kong people, enabling them to build community, both where they live and where they connect through the Internet in virtual communities. Energized and connected youth are part of a real green future.

A growing number of older citizens are active and engaged. They have made their contribution, large or small, and they might want to keep contributing. They should be able to continue to do so without compromising what they have earned and so have the lifestyle they want, living with dignity and independence.

Green Party solutions are rational because the Green Party of Hong Kong understands the scientific reality of limits to growth set by the carrying capacity of our planet. We believe we must work within these limits. Otherwise, we will exhaust resources, degrade our environment and put our economy, health and children's future at risk.

We believe that the people of Hong Kong can enjoy a higher quality of life, experiencing health, continuous education, meaningful work, sufficiency and hopefully prosperity and economic success in the long term supported by ecological health.

In our vision of Hong Kong, ability or disability, economic, racial, or cultural backgrounds do not preclude individuals from contributing to and benefitting from a prosperous Hong Kong. Also, we see a pragmatic economic co-operation between the mainland and Hong Kong as a two-way process, each side should not neglect the interests of the other.