People in Hong Kong lead such busy lives resulting in a lack of awareness of environmental protection, favouring behaviours that waste energy yet we all seek better living environments and quality of life. Therein lies a contradiction. Living in situations of close encounter in the city, people are easily influenced by each other in the endless pursuit of pleasure. But one person living wisely can bring improvement to the quality of life which will have a positive knock on effect. A green lifestyle is based on the maintenance of quality living while changing people's attitude towards living. A civilised and healthy attitude in Green Lifestyle can be built on the foundation of each individual and each community.

We propose the establishment of a Green Lifestyle Committee to enhance and serve the following functions:

  1. To advise the government on reinforcing its controls over energy consumption.

  2. To promote lifestyles supporting a certain degree of sustainability, by limiting the use of natural resources.

  3. To make Hong Kong a place of abode of civilised Green Communities by introducing environmentally friendly infrastructure and facilities, by promoting the concept of low carbon architecture and by the application of the use of renewable energy, and by reinforcing Greening works within the communities.

  4. To assist in the implementation of the programme of source separation of garbage in every household in all districts.

  5. To assist in the modification of Hong Kong's customised proposal as a low carbon city and in the establishment of energy diagnostic services and appraisal systems.