Green Economy is born out of an optimisation of the traditional economic model. It is integrated into the civil ways of human life and is supported by advanced technologies. It facilitates harmony between human beings and Greater Nature and is sustainable. Green Economy is an organic collaboration of the market with ecology, and it fully realises the values of natural resources and ecology. It is a benign development model resulting from the organic combination of recycling within both the economy and nature. It is an inevitable tool in the sustainable development of a human society. The wide range that is entailed in a Green Economy covers ecological farming, ecological industries, ecological tourism, the environmental protection industries, green services industries and more.

We propose the establishment of a Green Economy Committee to enhance and serve the following functions:

  1. We believe a Green Economy in Hong Kong deserves the kind of comprehensive development that is not limited to the recycling industries. Therefore we need a thorough examination of Green efficiency, harmony and sustainable elements of all industries.

  2. To advise the government on its determination and progress with the planning of the recycling industries. To urge the government to strengthen its efforts in supporting of the development of these industries, and to lift the value, scale and functionality of ‘EcoPark’, to enhance such Park’s facilities to reach the internationally accredited status as the initial groundwork for Green Industries and their professional skill sets. Such EcoPark can be renamed as, "Hong Kong EcoValley", administered independently from its separate financial counterparts, be provided with pre-installed infrastructure and favorable financial terms and encouragements, as pioneers in Green Industries will be drawn to assist Hong Kong in becoming an advanced Green Economy.

  3. To advise the government on its determination and progress with the planning in processing local industrial waste, by setting principles in management and standard charges, hence guiding all industries to voluntarily set up standards for reductions in carbon emissions.

  4. To assist the government in setting up green certification and ecolabelling systems for all industries, and to set the standards of recycling industries.

  5. To advise the government on the nurturing of professionals in Green Industries, in the training and development of environmental awareness across all industries, thereby creating more job opportunities.

  6. To promote the development of local sustainable service industries, and to help Hong Kong in becoming the platform for carbon trading in the region of South China

  7. To provide assistance in leading a sustainable economic model for industries that are newly established or returning to Hong Kong.