The Green Party of Hong Kong is a party of love. We believe in the power of giving and sharing. Our mission is to give society a choice for a real Green Hong Kong; to re-think our life-style, to "Turn Green". Integrating Green means adopting Green solutions for the future and to meet the challenges of globalisation.

Today in Hong Kong, despite a rosy front, there exist social inequalities, pockets of illiteracy, rural decline, citizen dis-engagement and environmental deterioration generally because of rampant consumerism. Yet, real change is possible when the people of Hong Kong embrace Green Politics as the vehicle for change. We believe that it is time for our party to be represented in the Hong Kong Legislative Council, to stop the bickering, and to get on with the job of governing, combating climate change, and taking better care of not only our environment, but also our health and our wealth. We look forward to rejuvenating Hong Kong as a “World Green City” with the highest transparency in governance policies, the lowest Green costs and the best of city lifestyles in the true tradition of the Hong Kong Spirit.

The Green Party of Hong Kong is different from other parties in another important way. We will never place the pursuit of power above our Green principles. We seek to enhance the quality of life by addressing a work-home balance. A more human-based life with time for what really matters. Making a living should never go against having a life. We are determined to become the party that positively influences the future for Hong Kong.

The Green Party of Hong Kong was founded on December 23, 2009. We are a full member of the Global Greens Network which is an international organisation of Green Parties around the world. Our Green Vision is focused on the next generation.

What are we leaving behind? What is the state of our land, air, and water? A good community, defined by more than geography, has and holds in common: green public spaces, decent housing, comprehensive education, the intangibles of a cultural heritage, and a public health care system that addresses all aspects of our well-being. To resolve the above, we have our “Green Hong Kong Campaign” and this is our solution.

Many people find it hard to position the Green Party on the old political spectrum. The Green Party of Hong Kong believes in sound fiscal management and strengthening the economy while ensuring that the way this is done is sustainable. Does that mean we are “Right Wing”? We believe that government must provide needed social services while protecting our environment and the rights of women, minorities, elderly and underprivileged people. Does that make us “Left Wing”?

Certainly not! We are the party of the future for Hong Kong. Under the One World Concept, a Green Direction points to a “Green Economy”, for more jobs, more time with family, and a more livable world, as soon as we can, for our children and their children. We will strive to support a society where the pressure to make a living does not crowd out having a life; where having more does not supplant being more!

Let’s Green Hong Kong, Green the World. We need you, people of forever young hearts, to join forces for Hong Kong, for the future of Hong Kong.

If not now, when?

Albert Oung
Founding Chairman
Green Party of Hong Kong
March 2012